All our courses are held in our 220m2 location on Via Boltraffio 11/C in Milan (Isola zone).


Artico Ice Cream School courses are meant for sector experts as well as for aspiring entrepreneurs and lovers of gelato. All our ice cream courses have detailed curriculums that cover all parts of the learning process, from introducing you to basic concepts to allowing you to combine theory and practice.

When you register for a course, you will be provided with a downloadable .pdf file with a detailed curriculum for that course. For further details on our programmes, you can check individual course pages below:

Basic Course 

Advanced Course

Basic + Advamced Course

Professional Course

Sales Assistant Course

N.B. Spaces are limited to allow all participants to follow lessons easily and to be able to interact with teachers.



All course participants will receive all necessary materials for the course (the price of which is included in the course fees). Please wear practical clothing and nonslip shoes so that you can work best during lessons.

Artico School provides all course participants access to our working space of over 220m2, equipped with everything you need to make real artisanal ice cream. Blast chillers, fridges and freezers, scales, blenders, induction heaters and all other necessary materials will be provided for practical learning during the course. As supports to your learning, we will also be using:

  • Luca Caviezel’s book “Scienza e Tecnologia del Gelato Italiano” (The Science and Technology of Italian Gelato),
  • The Scuola di Gelateria Artico’s Manual,
  • a balancing software,
  • the School’s work jackets


At the end of every Artico School course, we award you a certificate of attendance. Some courses also include a HACCP certification.

HACCP certifications are necessary to work in the food industry and are an official guarantee of quality, hygiene and security at a national or European level. Artico Ice Cream School is accredited to award HACCP certifications for our Professional Ice Cream Course.



Courses organised by Artico school have a limited number of spaces available, to allow participants to follow lessons easily and to have enough time to interact with teachers. For this reason, we encourage you to confirm your attendance at the course by registering and creating an account. Registering for courses at Artico School is very simple. You just have to choose the course you want on our website, follow the steps to register and pay a deposit (deductible from the course fees). Depending on the course you choose, different payment methods will be made available to you for the remaining portion of the fees.

For more details about payment methods, please check individual course pages. Alternatively, you can also email us at, specifying which course interests you.


To participate in courses at Artico School, you must have completed your obligatory education and be of age.

For international students, courses in English will be available.


Payment of the deposit (made upon registration) and remaining course fees (to be made before or by the start of the course) can be made via:

  1. PayPal
  2. Bank transfer.

If you have problems while making payment, please contact us at

Course fees and payment methods accepted (for deposit and remaining fees) are specified on individual course pages:

Basic Course

Advanced Course

Basic + Advanced Course

Professional Course

Sales Assistant Course


When a course is postponed, Artico School will inform participants within 7 days of the start of the course by mail or telephone. Course fees can be fully refunded or set aside for future courses, according to the wishes of the client.

If and when a participant decides to drop out of a course for which he/she has registered, the participant must inform the school within 7 days of the start of the course. This communication must be written or via email.

A participant who drops out during the course can make up for lost lessons, according to the teaching calendar and the availability of Artico School. However, he/she is not entitled to a refund. Participants can be replaced by a family member or friend, pending written confirmation via email or fax prior to the start of the course.


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